Illustrated Children’s Gallery

The below segments are from soon to be published Children’s Books Written & Illustrated by Miranda Black. All will soon be available on site as self-published works. Contact for more information.

The Loving Kindness Tree

“She then thought of all of the forest animals who lived near-by. She saw the fox chasing his tail through the trees. She saw the rabbit inside of her den cuddled up with all of her baby bunnies. She saw the squirrel stuffing his mouth with his collection of nuts. And The Loving Kindness Tree said “I love you animals”. And in return she heard the animals say “We love you too Loving Kindness Tree”.   Loving Kindness Tree is a story based on Metta meditation with a friendly stage of  birds,  sea creatures and forest animals.

Princess Earth; The Shambala Warrior

“To reveal sanity,” she said, “we must hold power in our selves and continue creativity to document life of this time. Sing songs, paint and bring light of colour into your world”- except from Princess earth; The Shambala Warrior.


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